We are backpackers like you, and inspired from our travels and experiences we gladly open the doors of our home, located at the heart of Barcelona city, to share it with other citizens of the world interested in sharing their experiences with other people in a new place.

Mambo Tango Youth hostel is all about good travelling experiences based on the ideals of respect and high standards. This has been our continuing strength, and we wish to keep it that way. We don't tolerate, under any circumstances, disrespectful and disruptive behaviour, in particular that resulting from irresponsible drinking. In short, we dont like unrespectful people! If this isn't okay with you, there are plenty of other places in Barcelona that could fulfill your needs.

We are backpackers just like you, and we want people to enjoy the hostel and it´s good vibe, have a beer, enjoy it and relax. If you are that kind of person, then this is the right place for you.

Here at Mambo Tango Youth hostel you will find a cosy, young ambience, where human values and feedback, plus an excellent service, make up a better illusion to continue your travel. All this can be achieved starting from the point that this is a house, and the dimensions of this house let people get together…interact…in a neighborhood where you will find all you can imagine! Try it yourself and you’ll understand!

Mambo Tango Youth hostel offers quality services, as the house has been modified to suit as best as possible the backpacker’s needs.
You will find mixed-rooms with different amounts of people, always with the bed-linen included in the price. We also offer you a great lounge room, so nice that you won’t feel like going out, where you will enjoy different kinds of activities: typical Catalonian food, group-walks, movie sessions, drum classes, photo exhibitions and so much more!!!

Mambo Tango Youth hostel Youth Hostel: good music, good vibes, as soon as you get in, you’ll feel right at home… We are expecting you!

By the way, tell your mama you won't be back!

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